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 MID MICHIGAN BASSERS       Wed Night Hog Hunters 
  Rose Lake Tournament   Sunday Sept. 25 2016    Fall Hawg Hunt Oct 9th 2016
  Riley Memorial Open Bass Tournament  Sept. 10th & 11th  2016            
  Hand of Hope Fishing Tournament  Aug 13th 2016
  Annual Spring Hawg Hunt Sun. June 5th 2016
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          Bait & Tackle

            Is   For Sale

        The Eyes Have It 

               Is Open


         The web page (www.theeyeshaveit.net) is separate but available. 

 (www.theeyeshaveit.com) name is for sale, make an offer.


             Newest addition to the shop


                                 Truly the one stop fishing shop.



           GAMMA Line, is the strongest line out there, if your tired of breaking off give 

             Gamma a try, you will not be disappointed. Its all we use Love it.


                         Newest lure to come into the shop 

                                    They are Nice.


                                       Daddy Mac Lures


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                        " FOR ALL YOUR  FISHING NEEDS "


         Mon.  Tue.   8:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

         Wed.            8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Gone Fishing)

         Thurs.          8:00 AM  to 5:00 PM

         Fri.  Sat.      8:00 AM  to 5:00 PM

         Sun.             8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Gone Fishing!) 

Contact Information

Craig Walters  

Jolynn Hildabridle

Telephone -  231-768-5653     FAX  - Same

The Eyes Have It                     

109 Mackinaw Trail

P.O. Box 322 

Leroy, Mich.  49655 


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Pepper our rescued new family member


 Minnow nicest cat you'd want to meet. Came up missing one day.     



Bobber is no longer with us, she was only nine 

 years old and cancer took her from us. So sad, we  

miss her so much. She was such a good girl.



                                 Bobber kicking back!                 Baby Bobber! Not for Sale      



                    HERE'S WHAT TO LOOK FOR!  


             Buddy is no longer with us.

  There are no words to describe how much

  she will be missed.






Our Mission

       To be your favorite Bait & Tackle Shop and to supply you with all you

       need for an enjoyable day of fishing.

       Walleye fishing being our favorite, not much beats seeing the white

        spot on the tail as your bringing in your fish. Don't forget to cut the

        cheeks out, these are the best part of the Walleye. 


Your Mission

       To catch more and bigger fish. Let us be the ones to help you 

        meet your goals. We have all the Baits and Tackle you will need.

        Lindy Walleye Flyers and Easy Prey Jigs tipped with a crawler 

         are our choices to outwit the weary Walleye.

         We don't just have Walleye baits, we also have a large

         supply of plastic soft baits & tackle for those monster Bass, 

        Crappies, Bluegills, Perch and any other freshwater fish you 

       might be targeting. You need to stop in and see our supply of

        Ice Jigs (over 9,000), I've never seen a bigger selection than 

        what we have here, and they work just as well for summer fishing.      

        We have a full line of Easy Prey jigs from #12 to #4, in all the colors.

        We want to be your favorite Bait Shop!!


Company Profile

          Come  and visit us, if we hear where they are biting, we will let you

          know. We will have local maps to get you to the lakes you want to find.

          Maybe we can tell you of a lake you don't know about yet. You will find a

          page on our site, that will show most of the public lakes in  our area.

          If there is a favorite bait or tackle you would like to see us  carry, let us know

          we will do our best to find it. Hope to see you soon! 



Customer Support:        Craig 



               Work is for people who don't know how to fish.


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