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    Wed Night Hog Hunters          Fall Hawg Hunt Oct 9th 2016
     Riley Memorial Open Bass Tournament  Sept.10TH & 11TH  2016   
                             MID MICHIGAN BASSERS 
                Rose Lake Tournament  Sept. 25 2016
              Annual Spring Hawg Hunt Sun. June 5th 2016
            Hand of Hope Fishing Tournament  Aug 13th 2016

            Catch a big one, bring it in and we'll put your picture here. Stop in and see the antique  lure collection.   


          Fish Pictures        

                             Caught in America

                       Just going to sit there, or are you going to go catch a fish.

               Bring in your fish, We need some more Fish Pictures.



            Sydney our little star! 

          Are you out there?  


We would like to see you bring

your fish in for pictures.

We have scales to weigh them.

If you can't make it in or want to

release it, E-Mail us a picture

we'll try and get it on for you.



             Chris had a good time at the pier




             Bently With a monster Pike


            Rodney and the kids with some good Perch


   11.21# Dogfish caught at the Wed Night Hawg Hunt 


                            Sophia caught a nice Bass



   Mike caught some good Crappies and a few Perch


                    Chris caught this nice 20" Walleye


                           Hanna caught a Nice one


            Ed and friend got their limit of dandy gills




            Hannah caught this Monster



                    Clyde caught this nice Walleye on Rose 28"


                       Jolynn with her 18" Walleye


                      Robert with a nice Walleye


          Larry with a dandy, Rose Lake Eye


               Tony caught a nice 13: Crappie


   First Steelhead Alyssa hooked and caught.


        Here's what The Eyes Have It Bait can do for you!

            Scott with his 33"   12.5# Eye, Nice Fish


          Meah caught this Monster 28" Pike


                 Lucy caught a nice Pike today.




                   Nice Gills can be caught on Rose


                   A Nice Pike was caught by William


                        Mike caught this nice 19 3/4" Bass


        This is dinner, a nice fat 23" Eye, caught by me.


               Riley gets a nice fat 19 1/2" Bass


        Nick caught a nice 28" 4 3/4# Eye


               Larry caught this monster eye


               Riley gets a nice 24" Eye for his first one


          Rylan gets a nice 19" Largemouth


                  Alex caught himself a Monster


                      Monday a 27"


                    Tuesday a 28" Eye bites the wrong thing.


        Jolynn gets a nice 17 1/2" Bass


   After 4 years of not being able to fish,  it

   looks like I haven't lost my touch 21" Eye


   Papa and the boys re cleaning up on Catfish in NC



       Papa with a nice NC Bass


           Garrett with a dandy brown


             Jarrett's 38" Pike


       Brett with a monster Bass


        Brady's 30" Pike


           Part of Steve and Brads UP catch


   Zane with a limit of winter stealhead


                         Riley's Big Bass


         Hannah's team Had a good day on the ice


        Joe had a good time catching Bass


           Another nice Rose Walleye


             Kelli caught this nice 26" Eye on Rose


              Tyler's Nice 10" Brookie


            Rylan caught this Monster


       Kenny caught this 28" Walleye on Rose


     Pappa caught this nice 20" trout 


          Leland caught this 35" Pike


            Jim caught this Steelhead


     Jim with a couple nice opener fish


           Matt's group caught some good Pike


   Laurie had a great time this winter.


            Wayne's Big Rose Lake Perch


           Another of Wayne's catches


                  Dan found some nice Perch


  Derenger caught this 34 1/2" Monster


       Jacqueline had a blast on Rose


      Shawn caught this 5.3# Monster


               These guys had a good time on the big lake.



  Jamie with some dandy Smallmouth


            Josh can catch them too.


            Jamie's first catfish


     Jonathon caught this nice Bass


            Emily is having a good time!!


              Jordan caught a nice Bass


       Another nice fish caught


                   Gracie caught this monster 


           Another nice one for Gracie


                      Larry caught a 24" HAWG


                Kaylee with a nice Gill



        Tyler catches his first Steelhead


  Zane caught this nice 19" Brown


               The Pike have met their match!


 Dave caught this Monster Perch 14 1/4" 

   Rose Lake gives up a few nice ones



               Asa's first Ice fishing trip was a success


  Here's a nice 27" Rose Lake Walleye


                               Emily is a Pike slayer too.



      Johnny gives his approval of the days catch


                         Sue's 12" Gill


          Allen's first fishing trip



        Need a picture of your fish, to put here!