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They won't even tell me, where their Hot Spots are.


Stop in and see us and pick up a detailed map of were to find these tasty Morel Mushrooms. (map not as detailed as some might like)


                                               Live Bait & Tackle Shop


                                                        Picked in America



          Not many things better, than a pan of golden brown Shroons!

                                                                                                Morel's 2017




                                  Jo' has found two so far



                         40 here, small but good


                          125 here 165 so far



                                          Morel Mushrooms 2016
      Need rain bad only a few small ones have been found

                              Its starting 20 little ones


                               24 more small ones today.


      First taste of shroons for the year, they were terrible, 

          so there's no reason for you guys to go look.



                                     67 today






                  Her total 430, been a tough year

                      Morel Mushrooms 2015
     No shroons as of yet, way to early. We are certainly ready.
Attn. There is a rare Morel disease (or something like that) going around this year, I suggest you

bring them to me and I will make sure their ok, then I'll give you back those that weren't tested.

(all Mushrooms will be tested)






       First find of the year, we need rain bad, 

       quitting freezing  would help a bit too.     


    48 more, they were small and Uncertified, 

    but they sure were good. 57 so far, 

    we need rain bad.


    68 more, nothing big yet, but they sure were good. 125


           96 more for Jo, still need rain bad. 

           That little bit didn't help a lot. 221


            After 6 years of not being able to go, 

            my first time out I managed to find 26


    I'll be eating uncertified shroons 

    for a couple of days. 


              158 For Jo today


      440 this day, 256 after that, total 1075

                 Morel Mushrooms 2014

   Here we go 34 shroons, not big but getting there.


         118 today, 152 so far


                Jo's total is now at 358

        looking good for a good season


                  177 more, total 535

              Big ones are for me

           Jolynn is up too 999  05/13/2014      

            Laura found some big ones today


   We do have a few pounds for

    sale call for availability,

    must pick up from the shop

    231 768 5653 - $35,00 #



            Aaron found a nice mess of whites


           I believe she gave up counting


               A few more today.

                   Morel Mushrooms 2013
     Need more rain and less 80 degree weather.

 Next week is not looking good, calling for

 sunshine and no rain, this won't help. 




    Perry knows where to get them.


                        Jim & Jim got 39 today

             Nice size ones for this year     



   Weather is not looking good, this keeps up and

    the next rain could bring Whites or be the end.

    Not ready for that!!!






    78 some really nice ones




             Steve got 21 today


            3 pounds brought in


                           117 today


    59 blacks are about done


                     28 Gray's today


           Bobby got some big whites

                          Morel Mushrooms 2012
Won't be long now if it happens at all, this weather is testing them. I've heard stories of a few being found but I haven't seen any yet.             

Here we go 19 yesterday 32 today, small ones but they are starting. All we need is   the right weather.


          219 today, total so far 270


Jo found 200 today, 470 so far. Had someone said these were last years pictures so this one is taken with the calendar, what  a year.


            Jo found 66 today total so far 536

Wouldn't it be nice if season went all the way through May, we'll see.

Bring in your shroons get your picture taken.


 32 shroons today 568 now, hoping for some

 good shroon weather to keep them going. 



             50 more 618 so far


            256 today, makes her total 874


These are our yard shroons, a bonus we get once a year, 50 big shroons weighed about 2#. I love the big ones!!! Jo picked them so she's up to 924


                    55 more for Jo, 979 total


   Allen found 9 on his second shroon hunt


 Jo found 100 more, total 1079. With the weather coming with no rain is going to be hard on the shroons.


           Jo gets 70 more, 1149 total


Jo got 159 in the last two days. Total so far 1308. Happy Easter


    21 today, too cold and windy :) 1329


  Part of Jo's 110 she found today, total so far 1938


                 Steve found some nice ones today

                           Morel Mushrooms 2011

                               Send us a Picture




               Dons second pound


                 100 more for Jolynn


                      More For Jo


     There starting to get a little bigger

                      Need rain Bad


             Jo found some more




                        246 more for Jo over 1600


            Ricky with a hand full


   Terry had a good time and got a  few


                      Here's a pretty picture



         Morel Mushrooms 2010

     My find today 89 big ones


                 Here they are spread out


     Mary finds some big Whites


           Terry's big Whites

  Morel Mushrooms 2009

                                Send us a Picture



                   Gotta love em        


 Their getting bigger, Linda's big one

        Morel Mushrooms 2008

        Frank found 30 of these nice Whites 


                Picture of a false Morel      


      Morel Mushrooms 2007    


           Marks find for the day.   



            3 pounds of Whites             




                     Here's 2#  ready for selling

They won't even tell me, where their Hot Spots are.

                                   Morel Mushrooms  2005                  

                      Here's a pretty picture

                                                Morel Mushrooms 2004




           These two Shroons weighed 1/2 #     

                  MOREL   MUSHROOMS 2003



                                    No doubt about it, this is the nicest Mess of Shroons this year.

If you know of any spots

 you would like to tell us

  about, write us.