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                                         Tournament schedule 2016
    Wed Night Hog Hunters         Fall Hawg Hunt Oct 9th 2016
     Riley Memorial Open Bass Tournament  Sept. 10TH & 11TH  2016    
              Annual Spring Hawg Hunt Sun. June 5th 2016
            Hand of Hope Fishing Tournament  Aug 13th 2016
              Mid Michigan Bassers


Rose Lake  Tournament Sept 25 2016

Three Fish Tournament

Partner tournament

$40.00 Entry - 1st 60% -  2nd 30% - 3rd 10%

$10.00 Big Bass (optional) Winner takes all


Starting Time 7:00 AM (First safe light) to 1:00 PM

This is a catch and release tournament – no dead fish will be weighed.

No Trolling, Artificial Bait Only, One line per person and no late

weigh-ins. Teams must be back at the launch site, 

and  all fishing will cease at the “quit time” 1:30 PM,

or team will be disqualified for that tournament.

No leaving your boat at any time during Tournament,

 or team will be disqualified for that tournament.

No short fish, team brings a short fish to the scales, 

or team will be disqualified for that tournament.


Good Sportsmanship to be observed and displayed at all times




Here's the Winners of the 2014 Tournament

       Crazy day of fishing, every type of weather was dished out, wind, calm, rain

       sleet, drizzle

       The scales even quit working, had to use a balance beam to decide winners.

        All the winners were so close it made it tough to decide.

                             Biggest Bag   & Big Bass


                                  Tyler                 Josh



                              Tied for second Big Bag


                    Lindsey                    Steve                        Kevin              Brad



                                         Biggest Critter  Walleye