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                                          I'ld bite a Senko before a real crawler             

                                The Eyes Have It

               Live Bait & Tackle Shop


           We now carry both, the 5" & 4" Swim Senko

                           Man do they look good!!!!


This is how Gary Yamamoto fishes it.

Fish it Texas rigged with a 5/0 Gamakatsu offset shank worm hook (extra wide gap). The larger sized hook is just heavy enough to add a slight "nose down" effect as is falls.

I'm going to fish it with a little lighter hook, so it still has the Senko drop, 

the best of two worlds

Here's a good article about the Swim Senko; 





       Senko's - Grubs - Hula Grubs - Ikas - Kreature

       Pro Senko's - Flappin' Hog - Pro Double Tail

   We have the nicest supply of these fines lures around.

   You really need to stop in and see our

    Yamamoto products. They are Fish Killers!

                         Gary's Swim Jig

The tournament-strength Gamakatsu hook and extra long shank makes weedless Texas-rigging possible in snaggy cover. The unique line tie placement comes cleanly through weeds and brush.


      We also carry the o rings and o ring tool

                    for Wacky Rigging




  2" Senko's

  3" Senko's

   4" Senko's

  5" Senko's 

   6" Senko's 

  7" Senko's      

     Stop in and check these out, we will be adding

     until I have all the colors and styles.

We also carry lots of other brands of Bass Killers, you can't find anywhere else.

                                Check it out, or stop in!

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