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                                    Tournament Schedule 2016 
Wed Night HogHunters    Mid Michigan Bassers Fall Hawg Hunt Oct 9th 2016
     Riley Memorial Open Bass Tournament  Sept. 10TH & 11TH  2016 
              Rose Lake Tournament   Sept. 25 2016
              Annual Spring Hawg Hunt Sun. June 5th 2016
            Hand of Hope Fishing Tournament  Aug 13th 2016


                        " FOR ALL YOUR  FISHING NEEDS "


         Mon.  Tue.   8:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

          Wed.            8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Gone Fishing)

          Thurs.          8:00 AM  to 5:00 PM

         Fri.  Sat.       8:00 AM  to 5:00 PM

         Sun.             8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Gone Fishing!) 

                                             We now carry 




                                                      Deer Scents




             Gift Certificates   



Fishing  Hunting   Turkey   ORV Permits
Doe Permits Trapping Small Game Snowmobile Permits

                       We accept      PayPal, Checks and Money Orders.

                                          You just have to stop in and see all we have to offer. There's just too much Tackle & Fishing Equipment to list it all.

                    The Eyes Have It

           Live Bait & Tackle Shop

                Complete Line of  Fishing Gear

           We do sell online, if you need something,  just let us know.

                         If you don't see it here, we will try and get it for you!


       GAMMA Line, is the strongest line out there, if your tired of breaking off give 

             Gamma a try, you will not be disappointed. Its all we use Love it.


                         Newest lure to come into the shop 

                                    They are Nice.


                                       Daddy Mac Lures

                                      Ice Fishing Tackle
                                   They work great in the Summer too !!!

                                  Over 10,000  Ice Jigs to choose from.

                                  Many styles and colors, lots of Glow colors

                              Shamano Top Shelf Reels
              Doug Hannon's Wave Reel


        WaveSpin Tangle Free Guarantee & Performance Explained         

             Pfluger Reels & Combo's










            Moonshine Shiver Minnow



                    Frogs - Fly's - Mice - Spinners



             JDC 3" Craw  "Smallmouth look out"

             Look for more JDC Products soon!!!

                  EASY PREY JIGS 


            These have to be seen to be appreciated          

       Now there's even a few new and exciting colors!!!!



         Walleye Fly's    



               Some of the finest jigs available

      Our Demon Glow display is really impressive!!!


                Jigging Rapala's

                  All the colors


            Jointed Floating - Original Floating

            Countdown - Jointed Shad Raps

            Husky Jerks - Fat Raps - Long Cast

            Glass Shad Raps - Rattlin




 Fish Decals - Magnets- Wallpaper boarder


                          Fiska Jigs

        "Where Quality is higher than the price!"



                Hali Jigs

              The ultimate Perch lure

   We carry all the colors in the 25 & 35

           Most of the colors in the 50    



               Swedish Pimples       



     Ghost Grub, Spider Ant, Creep Worm,

Whistler Bee, Eye Ball Jigs, Tube It-Tackle Tote        


                  K&E ice Jigs


           One of the hottest Walleye Ice Jigs



       Senko's - Grubs - Hula Grubs - Kreature

           Cut Tails - Flat Tails Ikas

      We now have the  Swimming Senko's 

   3" Senko's

   4" Senko's

   5" Senko's

   6" Senko's

   7" Senko's     

   Ika's, Grubs, Hula Grubs

    We now have most of the colors!!!

                       The Kreature



    You need too stop in and see these !!

            They are Fish Killers!!!!

                   Gitzit Tubes


  7" Giant Tora Tubes

   6" Ultimate Gitzit

   5" Magnum Gitzit

 We have a nice supply of many colors,

 these need to be seen to be appreciated.


     Daiwa, Browning -  Shamano - Zebco

     Okuma - Mitchell - Johnson - Condor, 

    Shakespere - Pflueger -  Quantum -  TCA


     Shimano -  Eagle Claw - Browning,

     Berkley -  Zebco -  Abu Garcia - Ugly Sticks

     Quantum -  Pflueger - Fenwick

       New Rods & Reels coming in all the time!

         Spin & Cast Combo's

  Shimano - Pflueger - Quantum - Red Wolf - Zebco

             List is to long to list them all.         


        The Worm that thinks its alive     



    Are one of my favorite bass catchers,

    and we have the best collection

    of soft plastic lizards around.

    Mizmo - Flatbellies - Berkley - Terminators 

    Strike King - Chompers - Wave Worm

    Lucky Strike - Zoom








      We have a nice assortment of

   Rippers,  Little Rippers & Cicada's    

 Sportsman Connection

                Lake map books

                 Lake Map CD's 



     The Original Fishing Snake

        These look great!!!

        Fishing Lines

TRILENE -  XT - XL - Micro Ice - Cold Weather

BERKLEY - Vanish - Fireline - Fire ice

STREN - Origanal - Gold - Super Braid

YO-ZURI - Hybrid

McCoy - Mean Green

P-LINE - Flouroclear - Flouroice

Gamma - Clear - Green - Gold - Edge Fluorocarbon

Cajun Red


           Berkley Power Bait  Bubble Up

   Spawn netting    -   Yarn Balls  

   Flies - Wobble Glows  - Lil Corkies         

   Glow Fly Yarns (lots of colors ) $2.00     

       Spot Sticker Finesse Worms and Jig heads


          Luhr Jensen

       J- Plugs - Dipsy Divers

        Case Plastics

   Fat Puppies


                                 Big Mama

       Hellgrammites  - Magic Sticks - Mad Toms



              Shore Lunch Breading & Soups


     Tournament Fish Bags        Minnow Buckets - Crawler Buckets
     Tube Baits         

        Next on my list of Big Bass Killers!

    We have a really nice supply of tubes from

    2 1/2" to 5" in all the Bass Busting colors.

    Outlaw Baits - Mizmo - Zap - Chompers

     Tackle This - Berkley


    Kalin  grubs  -  ISG - Yamamoto

    Storm - Tackle This - Mister Twister

    Lucky Strike - Southern Pro - Bay Side


Steelhead & Salmon Rods

 Shimano  - Ugly Stik - Fenwick

 Silstar - Shakespere - Eagle Claw

           Storm lures


              Hot & Tots - Thundersticks

     Swim Shad - Rattle Grubs - Wiggle Warts


  Daredevils - Little Cleo's - Double Dancer

   Johnson Silver Minnow  - Stinger

   Coyotes - Cow Bells - Hopkins Smoothie

   Mepps Syclops

 Arbogast - Jitterbugs - Hula Poppers -

  Fly Poppers

 Bill Lewis - Rattle Traps

 Smithwick - Devils horse - Rattlin rogue

 Bagley - Small Fry 

 Heddon - Tadpolly

 Cotton Cordell - Wally Diver      

Here's something you don't find everyday!

These are going to work great for Crawlers, grubs

and any other situation where the collar gets in the way.


            1/4oz. 1/0 -  3/8oz. 2/0 - 1/2 0z. 3/0


                      NetBait Frog

             These are going to kill the Bass!




BearPaws  Custom Handpoured baits



                Land O Lure   

        " Home of the proven fish catchers " 

        Stop in and see the quality of these fine lures.




       MINN-KOTA Trolling motors  

            Endura 50 # - 30 # - 36#

                 Replacement Props 


 Check out Pin Pals site, to see all the pins available.                

                        Underwater Cameras - Flashers

         Marcum                                   Vexilar 

   You need to stop in and check these cameras out, they are so much fun.                              


  Panther Martin - Blue Fox - Rooster Tail - Mepps


 Frabill  - Cummings - Ranger - Dotline


            Maxx Sun Glasses

        Luck " E " Strike USA

    G - 2 Head Hooks - Grubs - Lizard   

       5" Centipede worm


  Come on in, check out our line of Mepps products.




      Mr. Heater  Buddy & Radiant Heaters     


    Mustad - Eagle Claw -  Daiichi - Tru Turn

    Gamakatsu - JB Glow Trebles

     Way too many sizes and types to try and list.

If you need a certain hook, let us know, we'll try to 

find it for you, and I know you all use a different hook.


Humminbird Fish Finders



           More Product added every day !

    Minnow Buckets & Worm Containers

   Cool Bubbles Buckets - Aerators

   Buss Bedding - Frabill Metal Buckets

   Fish Baskets - Stringers                                                                        

  "G & J Tackle" Crawler Harnesses   

   "JR'S Tackle  Crawler Harnesses   




           Cards - clocks - cups - lighters

         Coleman Lanterns -  Mantles

     Coleman Fuel -  Propane Fuel - Globes

        RoboWorm Plastics  County Lakes

 Sportsman Connection Map Books


    Plano Tackle Boxes



Cross Line -3 Way -Barrel - & Snap Swivels

        Fillet Knives  

    Rapala - Falcon - Anglers Choice Kits

            STOP IN AND SEE US






        Economy  Rod & Reels

             Spinning and Casting

   B & M Pike Spears - Frog Spears 

   Flashlights - Batteries -  Cricket Boxes 

    Life Jackets  -  Throwable cushions

   Oars & Oar Locks - Boat Lights

  Atwood - Fuel Lines- Connectors - Plugs 


           Slip -  Spring - Red & White Round - Neo Brite -Adjust a Bubble - Torpedo Bubble

                                                Plus all these fine Bobbers listed below!

               BOBBER WITH A BRAIN


                See more on my links page



             Everlasting Slip Bobber


         Read more about it at there site.


              Bullet Bobbers




    The BulletBobber is a mini "PLANER
    BOARD" that flips direction and color
    when given a little tug.

                          Wing - It    Bobbers

You need to come in and check us out. We will continue to build our inventory, until we have a Bait Shop with all you need for a fun filled day of fishing. If you don't see what your looking for, let us know. We'll try and get it for you. E-mail us we enjoy hearing from you. 


                              Our lures and jigs get the Walleyes biting like this.


We want to be here to serve you. Thank you for making this possible.