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 Vintage Fishing  & More!!

Available Name  Size  color price each 
2 Discontinued Rapala CD11 SFC $12.00
2 Discontinued Rapala CD5 SFC $10.00
2 Discontinued Rapala CD3 SFC $10.00
2 Discontinued Rapala CD5 GFR $10.00
2 Discontinued Rapala CD3 GFR $10.00





           Bomber Lures

                    Model A

Available color price each
2 2AXC5B $10.00
7AXBS  $10.00
1 2ATS $10.00
1 1AMB  $10.00


                          Heddon Roto Tip Ice Rod 


                                                       2 eyes and tip

                                        Minnow Master

                         Live Bait Lure



                         Rocky Mountain Angling Guides

       Colorado - Montana - Wyoming   2 - 1st edition  - 1 - 2nd edition



Giant Creek Chub Pikie



Any one interested in a old Shopsmith Lathe? I believe its over 50 years old.